Firefox OS Onboarding Part 2: My New Device’s First Update

In the first of my “onboarding” series, I ordered my ZTE Open phone. I received the phone and discovered that it’s one of the “early” versions that doesn’t have “Fastboot” option enabled. So, like many others before me, I have to go to the ZTE Website and get an update to enable that option. Without it, the bootloader on this phone is locked and I can’t update the phone to newer versions of Firefox OS. Fortunately, the docs on this process are up to date at The Firefox OS ZTE OPEN page on MDN.

I visited this ZTE page and downloaded the 100MB+ zip file. There’s a PDF inside the zip that explains the rest of the process. It’s pretty simple: just copy the still zipped inner package to an SD card, pop the SD card into your ZTE Open, and press the volume up and power button to boot into the recovery mode. There you use the volume key to highlight the option “apply update from external stor” and power button to select it. In the resulting screen, select the ZTE package and in a couple of minutes, you should see the message “Install from sdcard complete.” At that point, a final reboot enables the “Fastboot” option. You can confirm this by looking at the Software section of Device Information (found in Settings.)

Detour sign
Photo, titled “Detour D-4“, shot by Flickr user Sharon Drummond, and used under a CC license.

Now that that’s is out of the way, I’ll be setting up a build environment and hopefully getting something more contemporary than Firefox OS v1.0.1.0 on this thing. Stay tuned.

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  1. I have not been having much luck with my ZTE Open lately… I was given one at Summit for my work and it worked fine for some time but an OTA happened that has it getting stuck on the Firefox OS bootscreen.

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