What’s Happening with Firefox OS (week ending 2014-01-17)

This is the second of a weekly series of posts I’ll be doing to highlight the goings on in Firefox OS development.

In the last week, the Mozilla community fixed about 200 issues and features tracked in the Firefox OS Bugzilla product. Here are a few of the highlights.

Bug 855165 – Make message notifications work properly.

Bug 947234 – Improvements to launch speed of SMS app.

Bug 862870 – Responsiveness improvements for Email app.

Bug 950124 – Powersave filters now support WiFi

Bug 898354 – Notifications for Timer in Clock app.

Bug 956220 – Emergency Call UI.

Bug 875951 – Danish keyboard layout added.

Bug 946596 – Full resolutions screenshot support on higher resolution devices.

Bug 929388 – Incorporate a FxA Manager and FxA Client into the System app

Bug 958251 – Swipe from top of display to access Task Manager

I’ve tried to clean up the descriptions to make them a bit more obvious. I’m planning on adding some more commentary around important fixes in the future. I’ll also try to add some screenshots or other visuals.

Did I miss a big or interesting change? Let me know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “What’s Happening with Firefox OS (week ending 2014-01-17)”

  1. Details on bugs fixed are great. Without context though, they don’t give the reader a sense of progress towards specific goals. The Memshrink posts are the best examples of weekly reports that demonstrated how a bug fix (or set of fixes) contributed towards the overall goals of the project. Those posts are harder to write but more gratifying for the reader.

  2. In fact, while it’s very interesting to read about FirefoxOS progress, it’s very painfull to read white text on black background…

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