Firefox OS Happenings: week ending 2014-01-24

In the last week, 84 Mozilla contributors fixed about 165 bugs and features tracked in the Firefox OS Bugzilla product.

Well-trafficked newsgroup/mailing list discussions include Julien Wajsberg’s “Using jshint as a commit hook” thread and Madhuri Jain “Guide for Gaia” question where you can find some great links to getting started documentation.

The Firefox OS Google News and Twitter buzz of the week was dominated by the Firefox OS Tablet Contributor Program announced here on this blog, at Hacks and with a recent big boost from Mozilla’s The Apps Blog.

Also in the news, Japanese operator KDDI’s President Takashi Tanaka answered a question on a conference call saying that KDDI intends to sell Firefox OS smartphones in 2014, noting that the phones would target “the geek demographic and not the majority of users.” This comes only shortly after the largest Japanese operator, and one of Japan’s other two big players, NTT Docomo, announced they were dropping their plans for a Tizen phone release.

Finally, we got a major win with Yahoo! now recognizing Firefox OS as a mobile browser. Great work by the Web Compat team and Yahoo!.

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