Firefox OS Happenings: week ending 2014-01-31

In the last week, at least 96 Mozillians fixed about 200 bugs and features tracked in Product:Firefox OS and OS:Gonk.

These are a few of those that caught my eye:

[Rocketbar][meta] Get rocketbar patches landed in master This is a significant part of the Haida Firefox OS UX update that’s happening right now. Rocket Bar is the system-wide search and addressing feature that lots of other Haida UX is built around. Very exciting stuff.

B2G Wifi: Support Wifi Direct gives us the DOM API and related implementation for Wi-FI Direct in Firefox OS. Wi-Fi Direct, earlier called Wi-Fi P2P, is used to easily connect devices with each other without requiring a wireless access point.

We got a couple more good tablet fixes:
[Flatfish] make Context menu not fill fullscreen
[Flatfish] Add pathmap to support Bluez on android 4.2.2

A few nice usability wins:
[B2G][Settings] Developer settings are too hard to access
[Search] Add ‘Install’ text before Marketplace Title
Provide a way to fetch the message threads in reverse order
[Browser] It’s not possible to move the cursor to the last character in the URL bar

And here’s a sampling of the performance and memory improvements.
Rewrite net worker in C++
[1.3] Launch latency of SMS app needs to be improved
Reading objects from datastore has serious performance and memory consumption problems
[b2g] convert all vorbis files to opus to improve memory usage
Bluetooth leaks every blob

We’re also getting closer to the launch of the Firefox OS Tablet Contribution Program. Stay tuned to this site and for updates and the application form.  Once again, it’d be useful for you to have your Mozillians profile already filled out and a Bugzilla account established.

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