Firefox OS Happenings: week ending 2014-02-07

In the last week, 86 Mozilla contributors fixed about 180 bugs and features tracked in Bugzilla at the Firefox OS product and Gonk OS.

A special thanks to new contributor Sukant Garg [:gargsms] who fixed his first Gaia bug this week, 966211 – Screen should not timeout when I have a running stopwatch”.

Exciting discussions in Firefox OS land include “You’re not crazy – the browser really is gone.” and related “wow. such rocketbar.”, both in

On the website compatibility front, we’ve had some great recent wins that let us stop special casing Yahoo, Scribd, Urbanspoon, deviantART, and several OLX regional sites. Thanks to the dev teams at those sites and to Mozilla’s awesome Web Comptibilty team.

The big Firefox OS news items this week is the Line messaging app for Firefox OS.

Finally, if all goes well, I’ll have the Firefox OS Tablet Contributor Program application form ready next week with tablets shipping to our community by the end of the month. We’re still sorting out some details that could delay things a wee bit, but we’re getting very close, so stay tuned. (And if things are going really well, I’ll also have some news about a second tablet device coming to the program.)