Tablets Still Shipping

We’ve had some bumps in the road in distributing the tablets to the Tablet Contribution Program participants. Because of the overlap in timing with our Flame reference phone program and the distribution of those devices, we are over capacity for what our one heroic shipping person can manage. We’re about 25% of the way though shipping the tablets and will strive to get the remainder out in the coming week or two.

If you received a confirmation that you were going to receive a tablet, you will be receiving a tablet. When your tablet ships, you will get an email with a shipping tracking number. Sorry for the delay. In the mean time, you can start your adventure at the Tablet Contribution Program wiki.

21 thoughts on “Tablets Still Shipping

  1. Asa, another week – another update, please?
    I am still waiting for the “shipped” email…

  2. Asa can you please update on the tablets shipping status. We have been waiting for long now :(

  3. More than 2 months has been but not received tablet till now. Any update on Shipping Status.

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