Private Browsing Coming Soon to Firefox OS

This week, the team landed code changes for Bug 832700 – Add private browsing to Firefox OS. This was the back end implementation in Gecko and we still have to determine how this will surface in the front end. That work is tracked at Bug 1081731 Add private browsing to Firefox OS in Gaia.

We also got a couple of nice fixes to one of my favorite new features, the still experimental “app grouping” feature for the Firefox OS home screen. The fixes for Bug 1082627 and Bug 1082629 ensure that the groups align properly and have the right sizes. You can enable this experimental feature in settings -> developer -> homescreen -> app grouping.

There’s lots going on every day in Firefox OS development. I’ll be keeping y’all up to date here and on Twitter.



1 thought on “Private Browsing Coming Soon to Firefox OS”

  1. I agree – private mode is something wanted in b2g. It allows user to be much more secure and execute tasks such as bank account operations and etc. There are two more extremely important functionalities which are missing now: copy&paste and adding/modifying words in dictionary. For both are already created bugs – 747798 and 1028737. Copy&paste is in progress but nothing has been done for adding/modifying words so far.

    P.S. This post has been written with use of Flatfish tablet and I couldn’t copy&paste bugs links when the funcionality isn’t yet implemented ;)

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