Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, tonight, this is what I was working on.

Join us in celebrating the launch of Mozilla Firefox 1.0. Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 9, from 2-7pm PST (that’s 22:00-03:00 GMT), we will be hosting AIR MOZILLA live from the Mozilla Foundation HQ, a 5 hour web event, including a live webcast and text chat. The show will feature interviews and discussions with key Mozilla staff. Questions from the audience (including the media) from the chat room will be fed into the show. The event will be hosted here at http://www.spreadfirefox.com. You’ll need QuickTime for the audio streaming. We’ll also use both IRC and a web-based text chat solution.

2-7pm PST, 22:00-03:00 GMT. That’s 22:00-03:00 on Tuesday night in Germany. In Japan, that’s 07:00-12:00 Wednesday morning.

Here at http://www.spreadfirefox.com. If Spread Firefox gets overwhelmed by the high traffic, head on over to http://www.mozilla.org/airmozilla.

Live webcast + text chat with key Mozilla people.

Yep, not only is it the 10 year anniversary of Firefox, it’s also 10 years since the inaugural Air Mozilla “broadcast”.

We’ve come a long way. So much more still to do :D