Flame Distribution Update

About three weeks ago, I ran out of Flame inventory for Mozilla employees and key volunteer contributors. The new order of Flames is arriving in Mountain View late today (Friday) and I’ll be working some over the weekend, but mostly Monday to deliver on the various orders you all have placed with me through email and other arrangements.

If you contacted me for a Flame or a batch of Flames, expect an email update in the next few days with information about shipping or pick-up locations and times. Thanks for your patience these last few weeks. We should not face any more Flame shortages like this going forward.

23 thoughts on “Flame Distribution Update”

  1. Nice (: i’m exciteed cause i’m in the foxtrot project as volunteer and i receive the mail with formulary and i dont know anymore about the flames. ^^ i wish recive soon my flame for foxtrot project :) good job Asa!im working hard in Spain as volunteer for Firefox OS^^

  2. where can I get a flame right now? there are no phones available on everbuying. when will distribution start again?

  3. I would very much like to develop a bitcoin app/wallet for FFOS, but it seems I can’t get my hands on a flame :-(. Of course I would be willing to buy one.

  4. there is any flame left ??? there is the possibility to send me one ???

  5. Same as Julien, where can I buy a Flame phone ? When It will be available for sale again ?

  6. Haven’t heard anything on foxtrot in over a month what’s the status of shipments?

  7. And when you think that we filled in the survey in July. It’s almost 2015 and the Flame is nowhere…

  8. Jesus christ people! Are you like 5 or something? Calm down and please be respectful.

    You have no idea about what were the issues involved here. Just have patience and wait for the official answer.

    1. True, but I feel that I understand these people. Whatever the issues, people should not be kept waiting for months. Afterall they are volunteers, not his employees!

    2. I agree with you Mike.

      I’m not even a part of this program but have been following along for months, and I have seen people flipping out over what, a $175 phone? If you all were really in such a hurry to contribute, why didn’t you just buy it when the phone was for sale at the everbuying site? I don’t mean to sound rude here, but y’all sure are making a big deal over having to wait a few months for a free phone…

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