Foxtrot Update Jan 2015

Hey folks. Welcome to 2015!

About half of the people participating in the Foxtrot program have still not received Flame phones. I’m sorry about that. I’m hard at work on this but it depends on getting the right builds on the phones. We aren’t going to send our Foxtrot testers new phones with builds that brick the device randomly and we don’t yet have the process set up to deliver only functional updates.

We have delivered a couple thousand Flames to our very brave “unstable nightly” testers and developers, and thousands of others have purchased Flames to develop against, but we’re still behind on getting our “stable nightly” Foxtrot builds and update channel ready. As soon as that’s are ready, we’ll flash the remaining 100 or so Foxtrot phones and send them out to contributors.

I don’t have an ETA, but it’s a high priority.

(If you have not received an email update on Foxtrot, check your spam filter. All Foxtrot participants were automatically signed up for a mailing list for just this kind of update and information. Unfortunately, it appears that some people have removed themselves from the mailing list and others are not seeing the mails because they are ending up in a spam filter. If you removed yourself from the list, I dropped your entry from the Foxtrot program with the assumption that you were no longer interested. If you remember removing yourself from the mailing list but didn’t want to be removed from the program, you can email me and I’ll get you added back. The list is not optional though. It’s how we’ll contact you for program feedback.)

Also, it is very likely that we’ll be expanding the program to several hundred more people over the coming weeks. Stay tuned here for updates on how you can join.

4 thoughts on “Foxtrot Update Jan 2015”

  1. hello
    i am soumik from INDIA and is the newest member in the MOZILLA group just 4 months old and have started contributing in localization, affiliates program and even trying to do in the mozilla location service of MOZSTUBMLER but while going through all these i found about FLAME and FOXTROT and i am pretty much excited about it so please let me know how to be a PROUD OWNER of one of these do i need to contribute in any other domain of MOZILLA such and such??

    thanks and have a nice day

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