My New Role @ Mozilla

After a couple of years working on Mozilla’s mobile operating system project, I’m coming back to Firefox!

I’ll be doing some familiar things and some new things. My official title is Product Manager, Firefox Roadmap and Community. What that means, first and foremost, is that I’ll be returning as our storyteller, making sure that we’re communicating regularly about where Firefox is heading, and that we’re fully engaged with Firefox users, fans, and contributors.

My first few weeks will be spent getting up to speed with the Firefox teams, from Product  Management and User Experience to Engineering and Program/Project Management. We’re doing a lot with Firefox in 2016 and 2017. I can’t wait to start sharing that story.

If you’ve got ideas about what needs improving first with Firefox communications, perhaps the Monday all-hands meeting content, or the roadmap documents on the wiki, or something completely different, please let me know in comments or email.

I’m over the moon excited about this role. Stay tuned. It’s gonna be great.

7 thoughts on “My New Role @ Mozilla”

  1. 1) ESR needs more love – it’s important for people who use the same tools at home then at work.
    2) We need to show how/why we are different and what we are better at then the competition :
    a) by having demos of unique/better features at events (eg webdev stuff for tools)
    b) have a team of teachers that would go to unis around the world for a few hours of presentation on the web/mozilla/why open is important
    3) Make sure linux dsitrob still ship ff as the default browser
    4) Support initatives like the TOR browser (based on ff)

  2. Good to see you back! I think that many things has gone wrong with Firefox. If you do not communicate with your user base then sooner or later you just loose them. Hope that you get Firefox back on track. ;)

    I just check that 13 years have passed since I cited your blog posts At that time it was Phoenix. :D

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