Some Nice Things People Said About Firefox 57 Beta (Quantum)

“Super impressed by @firefox quantum. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’m switching permanently. Noticeably faster than Chrome.” Erik Reppel

“Firefox Quantum is blazing fast! Good job, Mozilla!” Oleksandr Shpak

“Using the new Firefox beta. it is much faster then the old one. It is as fast as Chrome. maybe faster. #fb” alex

“Firefox Quantum… really is an amazing overhaul of Firefox. It is hella fast.” rrees

“Trying out Firefox 57 beta – Quantum, And its been great so far. Far better than Chrome in speed, and hardly any bugs. Thanks @mozilla” Abhishek

“Wow, very impressed by @firefox ‘s beta version speed increase. I literally just ditched Chrome just now.” Florian Monfort

“I’m not sure what @mozilla did, but Firefox Quantum is fantastic. Easily made me switch back to Firefox :-o” Chris King

“The new Firefox Quantum (57 beta) is really nice, good job @mozilla. I think I might like it better than Chrome first time in a decade.” Axel Gneiting

“@mozilla i am using the latest firefox developer version quantum and has to say its just awesome very smooth in performance. HATS OFF TO U” Manhar sodhi

“I mostly moved from Firefox to Chrome about a year ago, but I’ve desperately waiting for FF Quantum to get back in… And it’s awesome!” Davide Borsatto

“Delightful experience with FF Nightly 57. Quantum + photon is love. Welcome back Firefox, you’ve been gone for too long.” Ahmad Albakri Zabri

“Anyone here using firefox quantum? It’s like a breath of fresh air, and so quick. It completely blows chrome out of the water on speed.” Jayesh M

“Been using @firefox beta on my laptop for days now! It’s one of the best browser experience ever!” Zan Cerne

“Holy shit, Firefox 57 is so much faster. Can’t wait for it to come out of beta.” Will Johansson

“After trying @firefox beta, I don’t want to go back to stable.” Saša Stamenkovic

“Just downloaded the Firefox Quantum Beta and it’s faaast. Beating the pants off Chrome right now” Tony Haile

“I know I’ve spent only one day with it so far, but the Firefox beta is quick and easy on the eyes. Might switch back to Firefox full-time” Daniel D. Beck

“So the #Firefox #quantum beta is absolutely phenomenal. I’m super excited for the full release so I can finally switch back from chrome.” David Burns

“holy shit, @firefox beta is killing me, it’s so much smoother than Chrome at almost everything” ghastly geist

“Been using the new @Firefox Quantum all day at work. Got home and tried to use Chrome, wayyyy too slow. Time to download Quantum!” Rich Burton

“Pleased with the speed and customization options in @firefox 57 beta. Got everything I want to see on screen in the tab bar and address bar.” Derrick Rossignol

“Been testing @Firefox Quantum these past few days. Cannot believe how damn fast it load web pages. Very exciting! Hopefully Chrome follows!” Jeremy Krantz


9 thoughts on “Some Nice Things People Said About Firefox 57 Beta (Quantum)”

  1. And not a word about killing extensions, the only true advantage Firefox has over other browsers.

    1. There really wasn’t that much twitter traffic about extensions. A few tweets, but not many. Especially compared to the positive sentiment around performance.

      1. I really don’t understand this obsession with speed. Every browser I’ve tested is fast enough and I haven’t noticed any difference in regards to speed.

        But I realize I’m fighting a losing battle. What is 13 years of extensions for millions of user worth when you can grab first place in a benchmark test?

        1. I don’t think it’s benchmark tests people are responding to. Read some of those tweets again. They’re not saying “wow, Firefox faster in benchmarks” they’re simply saying it’s faster for them.

  2. I haven’t read any tweets, that’s not the point. The point is that you or any other Firefox representative will never address the massive killing of extensions, the one thing that sets Firefox apart from other browsers.

    You just start talking about something else and pretend that that’s not a big deal.

    1. It’s absolutely a big deal and that’s why the Add-ons team has been sprinting to create APIs that allow more and more extension types to flourish. I checked AMO a few days ago and it was at almost 5,000 new-style extensions including updates or replacements for many of the most popular extensions. That’s also a big deal, thousands of extensions have come online in just months. I hope you’ll give Firefox a chance and I think you’ll be surprised at what kind of customization is available built-in and with extensions. And it’s only going to get better over time.

      1. Thanks.

        Timescales: I reckon, for the types of extension that are essential to my workflow, there’ll be testing in the first half of 2018 with reasonable maturity in the second half.


        > Radically
        > Imagine deferring the cut-off date – from mid-November 2017, to mid-February 2018. Maybe enough time for a holistic round of enhancements, testing, supposed fixes and verified fixes … with an allowance for vacation and burn-out periods.
        > Less radically
        > Take a parallel initiative – maybe the October Firefox Quantum Sprint (launch event) … and integrate, or bolt on, things to help deal with the negative fall-out from the transition.

        On my reading list: responses to sprint-related and

  3. I’ll be happy if the extensions I use don’t get killed. Right now what works are “Emoji Cheatsheet for GitHub, Basecamp etc.”, “h264ify”, “http/2 Indicator”, and “uBlock Origin”. I know “NoScript” is getting a WebExtension version soonish before Firefox 57 moves from Beta to Release. But I’m still not sure about “HTML Validator”, “HTTPS Everywhere”, “Password Exporter”, and “Download YouTube Videos as MP4”. The one “Restart” extension I use is also dead, but there is a bugzilla bug for adding a restart button to Photon that seems to be collecting dust (

    I understand that the legacy extensions had to go away because they hooked too deep into Firefox and this blocked work on multi-process and internal upgrades. I understand that using the WebExtension API allows cross compatibility with Google Chrome so that people can trade browsers more easily without leaving the extensions they love behind. I just wish this whole switch over didn’t have such a high cost and seem to be occurring while the WebExtension APIs are being built mid-flight.

    1. Looks like the “HTML Validator” is back…mostly. But sadly, it has some missing features because the WebExtension APIs aren’t finished yet. Why is Mozilla forcing the “extensions.legacy.enabled” to be off and ignored if some of the APIs won’t be finished until Firefox 58 and there are still bugs like 1404416 floating around in the Beta ( As I’ve said, I understand why Firefox has to switch to a new system, but the new system isn’t even complete enough yet for legacy extensions to jump to it.

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