Old Haul Road

A local friend commented today: “GMRS radio transmission says they are holding the line in ‘The Battle of Pescadero Creek.'”

And in this evening’s press briefing CALFIRE said “we have a really good line there,” gesturing at the northeastern corner of the fire near our home.

That “line” is probably a bulldozed fire break and hand crews on Old Haul Road, a 120 year old logging trail at the foot of Butano Ridge that parallels Pescadero Creek.

I’m very encouraged hearing this news.

Old Haul Road is the last accessible location for a significant line between our neighborhood and the main fire. The next location for a long line is all the way at the mountain top on highway 35 (Skyline Boulevard) and if they have to fall back to that point, it doesn’t bode well for our small neighborhood and home.