Too Close for Comfort

Thank you all so much for the well wishes. It means a lot to us.

Yesterday and today the northern part of the fire, which is closest to our home, has slowed pretty dramatically. It’s not clear whether the fire has simply reached areas with less favorable geography or whether the control lines and other suppression efforts are making the big difference. It’s probably some combination of the two. Regardless of the reasons, I’m feeling better today about prospects for our home surviving this fire.

The closest part of the active fire is now about 1.75 miles from our house, nearly half a mile further away than it was at my last report. It’s still far too close for comfort, and the winds and dry lightning expected over the next couple of days are a pretty big concern for us, but I’ll take the good news where I can get it and today I feel better about our home and neighborhood than I have any day since we evacuated.

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