Thank You

Once again, thank you all for the many well wishes. We really appreciate it.

The fire crews, the weather, and the geography have been doing solid work over the last day to extinguish the edge of the fire closest to our home. According to the latest satellite data, the closest CZU active fire area is now about 2 miles from our home. This is an improvement of about 1/4 mile over the last 18 hours.

Based on the most recent several press briefings and other updates, it sounds like they’ve established a solid line of control between the fire and our home and are now actively suppressing fire, pushing it further away from our neighborhood with each passing day.

I realized this morning that I haven’t yet said how much we appreciate the efforts of the fire personnel, the sheriff’s offices, and others working the CZU Lightning Complex fire. Thank you all for the hard work you’ve put in this last week to protect the lives and homes of so many. You all are genuine heroes.