Gulf and Kilo

As you can see from this morning’s CZU briefing map, the northeast part of the fire edge is now denoted with a black line signifying a “contained fire edge” rather than the previous red line signifying an “uncontrolled fire edge.”
Our home is right next to the ⦻ marker at the Division G and K border. (This ⦻ marker is the origin of a very close but small fire that self extinguished just as the bigger fire came over Butano ridge toward us.)

This is what the Battalion Chief had to say this morning about our area, Division G and K:

“As you can see on the map we have some black line. What that signifies is that we have the fire extinguished. We’re holding it. We have lines established around it. We feel very, very confident that that has been secured. Again that is up there in what we call Division Gulf and Kilo. That’s an area that was critical so that we didn’t have any spread to the northeast and threatening Santa Clara County. So we’ve buttoned that up and that’s in a patrol and mop up type status.”

CZU fire briefing map from august 26th, 2020 showing the many divisions of the fire area in the Santa Cruz Mountains