This morning’s CZU Lightning Complex press conference was the most encouraging yet. The red line on the map denoting the fire’s edge nearest our home is now a black line because the fire is *extinguished* there. The fire personnel are now in “mop-up” mode in our area.

I found this definition of mop-up online: “Mop-up is the hard, dirty, slow and tedious work of looking for smokes or hot spots in what otherwise looks like a cold area. Firefighters extinguish any remaining flames, remove burning material near the control lines, and stir, drown, stir any hot areas that are still smoking. Snags or trees may need to be taken down because of fire inside their trunk. Logs may need to be trenched to prevent rolling, particularly rolling outside the fire control lines.”

This change from red to black along our corner of the fire about doubles the extinguished fire perimeter for the CZU Complex. As I understand it, after 24 hours of that part of the line being black, it’ll be added to the overall containment figure. So, I expect the CZU fire containment to go from it’s current 19% to something close to 40% by this time tomorrow. (I could be wrong about how the containment figures are determined. Don’t take this guess as gospel.)

I am now starting to think about what it means to return home. After listening to this morning’s update, I think it could be days away and not the weeks that I’d imagined. Eight days ago, we had just evacuated and I was wondering if our home was going to survive. Today, I’m wondering how many days it’ll be before we get to return to it.