Mopped Up

This map shows zones that are still under evacuation orders (red) and warnings (yellow) and zones that were formerly orders or warnings but where full repopulation has now been allowed (green).

Evacuation orders have been reduced to warnings for a large part of Butano Ridge which is inside the fire boundary (dark gray outline) and just west of us. We’re located at the tip of the purple arrow.

If they’re letting people back into the area, that means they really do have this part of the fire mopped up.

Going into this exceptionally hot spell, I was worried about the potential for the fire to flare up and move again in our direction but with the evac order reduced to a warning for Butano Ridge I no longer think that’s an issue. They’ve got this part of the fire extinguished.

Our neighborhood really is safe, even though the fire’s only 58% contained so far.

Evacuation map for the CZU Lightning Complex fire