Indoor AQI

My lungs are particularly sensitive to the air quality. I have a chronic lung disease (called sarcoidosis) so it’s important that the air I breathe is as smoke-free as it can be.

Our indoor air quality would normally be about the same as outdoors. We live in a somewhat porous log cabin and there’s lots of opportunity for the outside air to get inside. To combat all the fire smoke, we are using a Blueair Blue Pure 211+ air purifier and a DIY purifier made by taping a MERV 13 HVAC air filter to box fan. As a result, our indoor air quality has remained significantly better than outdoors.

As noted in an earlier post, the outdoor air quality has improved today but over the last couple of weeks it’s been quite awful. Fortunately, our air purifier setup is working pretty well. We’ve been able to keep the indoor PM2.5 levels between 5 and 15 µg/m3 (which corresponds to an AQI of about 20 to 60.)

Most of the time, the indoor air quality has been acceptable, even for someone with underlying health issues like me. Occasionally, when the smoke has been particularly bad outside, our indoor PM2.5 levels get up in the 12-15 range which isn’t as healthy for me so we’ve ordered a second Blue Pure 211+ to put the beat down on any remaining smoke particles.

Today the outdoor air quality is much better than it has been the last couple of weeks and so our purifier setup has had no problem keeping up. Right now our indoor PM2.5 level is 3 µg/m3 or an AQI of about 12 which is completely acceptable.