Final Starlink Mount Plans?

Thank you all for your advice and direction. I have or have on order nearly all of the parts to make this build happen.

At the top you see the Starlink user terminal which has a short mast, approximately 16 inches. That mast has a round spring clip for locking into the tripod base that came with the Starlink kit. I’ll remove that clip leaving a half inch hole through the lower part of the terminal’s mast.

The mast slides perfectly inside of a Channel Master J pole that I’ll drill a half inch hole through near the top. Then I’ll place a bolt and locknut to secure the terminal to the J pole. (That bolt and nut are the only parts I’m missing. Will probably have to brave the hardware store.)

The J pole connects to a mounting bracket that’s 1/8″ steel. The connection point is made by two bolts, one through a curved raceway that lets you adjust the angle of the pole.

Up the pole are a pair of Skywalker heavy duty 1/8th inch steel braces that stand off the tree about 8 inches and attach to the J pole with 1/4″ U clamps.

The J pole bracket will be secured to the tree with six 12″ XERATH quarter inch structural screws. Each of the two heavy duty braces will be attached to the tree with two 12″ XERATHs.

I want to make the job as easy as possible for the tree climber while also ensuring it’s secure and won’t wobble in the wind. What do you all think? Does it seem secure? Easy enough to assemble and attach while strapped to a tree 100 feet off the ground?

starlink mount