The Plan

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve got so far for mounting the Starlink “dish” in the tree and extending its cable to my house. Prices are as used but I had to buy some of the items in bulk so my actual costs are a bit higher. Also I bought online rather than going into a hardware store during the pandemic so prices aren’t necessarily the best I could get if I was willing to risk COVID-19.

Mounting the Antenna: Using a J pole mount with a couple of extra support brackets attached to the tree with super long structural screws. Cable management is zip ties and cable clips with long wood screws.

Main mast: 1 of Channel Master CM-3090 Telescoping Universal Antenna Mast ($54)
Antenna connection to mast: 1 of 1/2 x 3″ Grade 8 Hex Cap Bolt, Nut, Flat & Lock Washers ($6)
Stabilize mast: 2 of 8″ Heavy-Duty Antenna Wall Mounts ($24)
Secure mast and mounts: 10 of 1/4 X 12″ Hex Head XERATH Timber Framing Wood Screws ($10)
Secure cable to mast: 4 of TR Industrial Ultra Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose UV Cable Ties ($1.50)
Secure cable to tree: 10 of THE CIMPLE CO Cable Clips ($7)
Secure cable to tree: 10 of #8 X 4″ Stainless Oval Head Phillips Wood Screw ($3)

Extending the Cable: Using an outdoor rated coupler to add 100′ of Cat5e cable length. The coupler is housed in a second waterproof cover.

Ethernet Extension: 1 of 100′ American Teledata Outdoor CAT 5E Shielded UV Rated Patch Cord ($40)
Ethernet Coupler: 1 of VCE IP67 Waterproof RJ45 Shielded Female to Female Coupler ($10)
Weather resistance: 1 of CordSafe Electrical Extension Cord Protective Safety Cover ($7)
Weather resistance: Henkel Corporation Loctite Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant ($5)

Tools: Impact driver and bits for fasteners. A drill guide, clamps and bit for drilling the J pole to couple to the dish’s mast.

Drilling pilots and driving fasteners: Milwaukee M12 Fuel 2nd Gen Impact Driver and XC 6.0 battery ($200)
Drilling pilot holes: Bosch 3/16″ Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit ($6)
Driving various fasteners: DEWALT Nut Driver Set, Impact Ready, Magnetic, 5-Piece ($19)
Drilling main mast for coupling to antenna mast: Milescraft 1312 DrillBlock- Handheld Drill Guide ($14)
Drilling main mast for coupling to antenna mast: Irwin QUICK-GRIP Bar Clamp, 6-Inch, 2-Pack ($20)
Drilling main mast for coupling to antenna mast: DEWALT Drill Bit, Impact Ready, Titanium, 1/2″ ($18)

Diagram showing Starlink tree mount