NEMA Enclosure

I’ve been toying around in Sketchup to figure out the smallest enclosure my power supply and UPS will fit in and also how to mount them.

Starlink’s cable isn’t nearly long enough to reach from the tree top to the ground to my house (attempts to extend it beyond 50 feet failed) so I have to bring the power supply outside to where the Starlink cable does reach.

This is the enclosure I settled on. It’s a Altelix 14x12x6 Fiberglass Weatherproof Vented NEMA 3RX Enclosure with Cooling Fan and 120 VAC Outlets and there’s plenty of room for the power supply and a (very small) UPS.

I’ll 3D print a nice power supply mounting bracket I found on the Starlink forums and I’ll use Din rails and velcro to hold the UPS in place.screehsnot of sketcup model of NEMA enclousre with open door and inside is a mounted power supply and UPS