We’re going to be installing our Starlink terminal about 135 feet up at the top of a Doug fir in our back yard. Even this may not be enough elevation to have the required full sky view. There are several 200+ foot tall trees not very far away that may still obstruct some of Starlink’s view but we think it’s our best shot so we’re gonna go for it.

One challenge this presents is cabling. The Starlink terminal comes with a hard-wired 100 foot long ethernet cable (which does both data and power.) But the tree is at least 135 feet tall meaning that the cable doesn’t reach the ground where it plugs into the power supply. To remedy this, I’ll be extending the terminal’s cable with a 50 foot ethernet patch cable and the junction, where the two cables are coupled, needs to stay dry or it will corrode and fail.

My plan is to use an outdoor ethernet coupler which is IP67 rated (and so should be able to protect its contents even when submerged up to a meter in water for up to 30 minutes.) I’ll use some dielectric grease on the seals to ensure I get the most out of this coupler (I’ve read a at least one review from someone who found moisture on the inside so I’m going to go one step further.)

I’ve also purchased a small IP65 junction box which should be able to keep its contents dry in a heavy rain downpour. I’ll put the coupler inside this junction box with the cables exiting from the bottom side of the box and tack the box to the tree with several screws.

I think it’s possible that I’m overdoing it, but I really don’t want to deal with going back up the tree to repair or replace the coupler so I’m pretty happy with this solution. The outer box, which will have a couple of drip holes drilled in its bottom, should act as a decent umbrella for the more thoroughly sealed coupler inside.

Here’s what it looks like with the cover off.

waterproof ethernet coupler inside a waterproof junction box