Asa Dotzler

A Mozilla contributor since 1998, Asa is currently a part of the Firefox Product organization and responsible for the browser accessibility.

5 thoughts on “Asa Dotzler”

  1. Hi Mr. Dotzler, i hope you can add me to those who can receive a free Firefox Flame. I’m a Software Developer but on MS Technology. I want to explore other opportunities and I hope this already the one I’m waiting for. I’m from Philippines. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi!
    I’m Sergio Navarro. Searching for a Firefox phone I saw that there’s no option to buy a new one from Internet, how can I buy one so I can test or develop something on it? I’m tired of Android :( I’m from Spain.

    Thanks a lot! :D

  3. Hi Sir
    I’m a budding developer(hopefuly).. I’d like to have a Flame device if that is possible both for development and testing.. And being a mozilla student ambassador it would be possible to spread the word too if i use the device… hoping i’d get a reply soon

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